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People behind the product

CrySyS Lab:

The CrySyS Lab has always been active in the field of malware analysis: its researchers discovered the Duqu malware in 2011, and later, they were also involved in the analysis of other high profile malware, including Flame, TeamSpy, and Miniduke. At the same time, the lab has been carrying out research in the field of embedded systems for a long time: it has been involved in various international projects addressing security and privacy issues in embedded wireless networks, such as sensor networks, mesh networks, and V2X communications. Recently, the lab focuses on the security of IoT systems, and it combined its knowledge and rich experience in both malware analysis and embedded systems in the work on SIMBIoTA, a truely lightweight malware detection method for IoT devices. 


It is an independent  professional engineering company with demonstrated expertise and experience in high quality and unique OT cybersecurity services. Ukatemi was founded in 2012 as a spin-off company of the renowned CrySyS Lab, as of today it has 10+ years of market experience in cyber-physical system security.

In Simbiota project they provided product development and continous malware feed. 

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